Hi! I'm 0x2a(wcampbell0x2a); Rust Software Engineer / Reverse Engineer
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====[ deku projects ]=====================================
I co-maintain the deku project, which provides declarative binary reading and writing: bit-level, symmetric,
serialization/deserialization. This has nerd-sniped me into writing a bunch of libraries at work and in the public-domain
using this library.

+ backhand - Library and binaries for the reading, creating, and modification of SquashFS file systems
+ income - Library and binaries for the reading of UBI images
+ cpio-deku - Library and binaries for the reading, creating, and modification of cpio
+ asterix-rs - Library for the parsing and generating of ASTERIX packets
+ KubOS-Preservation-Group/ccsds-spacepacket - Implementation of the CCSDS Space Packet Primary Header in Rust
+ adsb_deku - See above

>> unpublished/research only
! bintex - Create bytefield latex digrams with the use of rust proc-macros and deku
! xz-deku - Library for reading XZ compression headers
! f12022-deku - Library for the parsing of PC f1 2022 UDP telemetry packets + tui
! rusty-chips - CHIP-8 emulator

====[ rsadsb ]============================================
ADS-B Related projects, written in Rust!

+ homepage - Announcements, Overview, Blog, and Quick Start guide
+ adsb_deku - Library and binaries for the parsing and generation of ADS-B packets and display of information
+ spotter - Rust ADS-B web server providing the following information in json format
+ dump1090_rs - Multi-SDR supported Rust translation of the popular dump1090 project for ADS-B demodulation
+ rsadsb-embedded - Experimental applications using the no_std feature of rsadsb/adsb_deku
+ FutureSDR - An Async SDR Runtime for Heterogeneous Architectures using my library

>> In the news
+ rsadsb v0.5.0 release

>> unpublished/research only
! elons-jets-rs - Notify when one of Elon Musk's jets flyover your own ADS-B receiver

====[ other projects ]====================================

+ zerus - Lightweight binary to download only project required crates for offline mirror
+ statusbar - dwm statusbar, now in Rust!
+ freestanding - Small freestanding ARM binary calling function already in memory
+ dotfiles - My linux dotfiles
+ sorensen - Cursed Compression Algorithm
+ cargo-decompile - [!] A cargo subcommand that displays ghidra function output through the use of the {rizin, radare2}-ghidra
+ assert_hex - Rust library to display assert panics in hexadecimal format
+ dbg_hex - display dbg result in hexadecimal {:#x?} format

>> unpublished/research only
! karkinOS - Hobby OS and bootloader
! saleae-rs - rust library for interacting with saleae devices
! usb-notify - (C) USB device insert notifications using the linux udev,uevent and libnotify
! mint-cli - (Python) Display account net worth and current monthly budget in your terminal. Uses the python-mintapi

====[ contributed ]=======================================

+ rust-lang/rust - A language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software
+ panamax-rs/pamanax - Mirror rustup and repositories, for offline Rust and cargo usage
+ Rust-For-Linux/linux - Adding support for the Rust language to the Linux kernel / linux kernel mailing list
+ genonullfree/teleporter - Simple application for sending files from Point A to Point B
+ ferrilab/bitvec - Crate for managing memory bit by bit
+ kevinmehall/rust-soapysdr - Rust bindings for SoapySDR, vendor-neutral software defined radio hardware abstraction layer
+ teleporter - Teleporter is a simple application for sending files from Point A to Point B

and many others...

====[ ctfs ]==============================================

+ hackasat - solution for i_see_stars hackasat DEF CON 2020 CTF
+ dc30-badge-keygen - DEF CON 30 badge keygen

====[ github organizations ]==============================

+ rsadsb
+ pamanax-rs
+ deku
+ AeroRust